us taking a selfie in the jungle

About us

We are Beatrice and Davide, a graphic designer and a software engineer traveling the world, starting from Southeast Asia.

This is us the jungle near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So here we are travelling in South East Asia and trying to absorb as much as possible. We said we really needed to document it somehow, so we decided to start writing about our experience and how we are managing to balance travel and work. There are lots of amazing bloggers who do this already but we have found there are things which still haven't been talked about. Incredible but true. In fact, there is so much to write about that we will never manage to give you an accurate image of what we see.

Living in London for 6 years has been an amazing eye-opener. We have met people from all over the world who, as well as, making our stay there really special, have just accentuated our desire to explore the world as much as possible. You soon get hooked on peoples' travel stories and just want to hear more and experience them yourself. Funnily enough, the stories you hear are always the ones where things have gone badly wrong and are the ones people remember forever. We will never forget our time in Luang Prabang during the burning season, but although it wasn't what we had hoped for, we will always cherish it as it showed us something that the people who live there have to endure.

We are interested in learning from cultures which are new to us, by trying new foods and seeing the cooking techniques, discovering parts of history which were never taught at school, seeing how different religions influence entire communities and meeting people who live here and others who are just travelling like us. The human connections are the most touching and it happens in such a natural way that you start to believe you could happily spend your whole life getting to know people - maybe not an ideal scenario for introverts, and that's fine as well.

Unfortunately, we can't spend all our time socialising as we are working too. Actually, it's only fair, as it's what is allowing us to travel non-stop. We are flexible and don't have a travel itinerary, but one of the cons/pros about having to work whilst travelling is that fast Wifi is about the only thing you need (as well as electricity of course) and sometimes this forces us to have to stay in bigger towns or cities for longer and miss out on the smaller ones unless it's just a weekend trip.

We are also trying to go on fewer flights as possible and travel mainly by train, bus and boat. We strongly believe that as we are able to stay in places for longer we can also spend more time getting there. As well as having less of an environmental impact you get a good view of the scenery around you!

Thank you for visiting our blog, where we share our stories, with a particular focus on the places we visit. We want to give you an authentic glimpse of what these places are really like and to bring you along on our journey. Through our writing, we aim to provide you with informative and engaging content that will give you insights into the different cultures, histories, and landscapes we encounter.

We hope that our blog can offer a fresh perspective, that it can serve as a useful reference for those wishing to embark on a similar lifestyle, and that it can stimulate new ideas and reflections.

Fields of tea plantations disposed over a hill