Detail of the Blue House in Georgetown, Penang. The wall is painted with a strong, bright, blue ocean. There is a black door, with a grey frame. Within the door there are two Chinese character inscribed in a wooden frame of red background, with the characters, as well as the border, painted in gold. In front of the door there a few bikes disposed on a row, and on the right end there is another bike with a rickshaw attached to it.

Malaysia is a country where the confluence of cultures offers a captivating study in diversity. Its population comprises indigenous peoples, as well as Chinese, Indian, and Malay communities, all coexisting and contributing to the nation's identity. What makes this mingling of cultures even more exciting is how it comes to life in Malaysian cuisine. Whether you're savouring a bowl of spicy Laksa in a Penang hawker center or relishing the rich flavours of a Nasi Kandar in Kuala Lumpur, the food here is an edible journal of the nation's history. Malaysia is home to some of the world's oldest tropical rainforests, even older than the Amazon. These ancient landscapes not only offer adventure but also reflect the country's abundant biodiversity, serving as another layer to Malaysia's multifaceted character.


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A few Malaysian people, giving their back to the viewer. They are hugging each other looking towards the city of Kuala Lumpur. Some of them keep a Malaysian flag in their hand. In the background it is possible to spot the the Petronas Towers, and other skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur.
September 28, 2023